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Welcome to Sound Repair!

Sound Repair is a full service facility specializing in the repair of all factory(OEM) and after market car stereo systems. The technicians at Sound Repair are skilled at quality car stereo repair. Sound Repair features a free directory of detailed car stereo removal instructions for public use. To get an estimate on your car stereo repair please contact our facilities.

Why Choose Us?

• Our expert technicians provide FREE ESTIMATES on car stereo repair.
• We provide first class car stereo repair service at reasonable rates.
• We’ve been in the business of car stereo servicing since 1979.
• We use only military grade components in our car stereo repair processes.
• Our techniques eliminate future issues such as capacitor leaking and short circuiting.
• We cover Bose amplifier repairs under a lifetime warranty
• All other radios are covered under a single year warranty.
• Our clients choose us for our precision and care when handling car stereo and radio repairs.

Car Stereo Removal Instructions

We have compiled detailed car stereo removal instructions to assist you in the removal of your car stereo. Sorted by vehicle make, each car stereo removal instruction features pictures and step-by-step removal instructions to simplify the car stereo removal process.

View Our Free Directory of Car Stereo Removal Instructions

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